We have “no talk day”, it’s ok baby. You are with me and my memories will not fad at any condition,but you need to be calm even if I’ll die by tomorrow morning you will smile,you will remember my word that life is all about transformation, death or birth whatever it is, it will transfer in another life,so even if I’ll die just in front of your eyes I want you to smile a bit and move forward with all the hops and my words. And promise me that you will stay strong and little polite with yourself too.


When I’m on my period i want you to be with me, i want you to not ask me for sleep, i want you to hold me a little softer, i want you to make me smile, i want you to tell me that you can understand this pain too, i want you to talk about my feelings or if im quiet then i want you to just stay by myside, i want you to ask me if im comfortable,i want you to ask me if i need something,i want you to understand all this feelings without my words..


Your first achievement shows your luck but your constant achievements shows your efforts, hard work and your ability. One day life will give you all the best thing you want , it will give you everything you deserve but you need to work a little harder,you need to be to clear about what you want and what you deserve.


Its very common to have a conflict with your friends and family but give them chance to come back. Give it a try if they will stay as they were.Try to regather and reunite your friendship but try it once or twice only ,later on you must understand that they don’t want to come back, leave them and let them enjoy their freedom. Don’t force yourself,don’t regret even because it’s ok. It’s human behavior and we can’t deal with every people around us.

I need my mother (2nd part)

I’m honestly loosing my mind Mom the world seems empty and unsecure to me,And the best part of me is gone. Now I don’t want to fight but rest in your arms and to make sure you are with me.Mom This external issues are not alone but they have freindship with my inner body.
Yes!mom I’m 20 and I think you know how much I need you this time.

Mom whenever I’m asking you about my body pain that really means I’m indirectly asking you about my inner pain’s,I’m trying to let you know that mom please hold me this darkest part is scaring me ,I don’t need any medicine to cure ,to help me to sleep But your voice ,you soul,your touch and your love.

Mom I’m not feeling like a ordinary girl, I tried my best to pretend that I’m ok or I’m ordinary but this inner thoughts are killing me, I don’t want to scream but I want to be keep silent.Mom this tears are rolling done to my eyes but see I’m smiling.

I need my mother

Dear mom,

As the days are passing the world seems unclear to me.Now a days I’m fighting the hardest battle with my own thoughts.The days are tough and the road is blur.
I am searching for your love,I need you to wrap your arms around me , to hold my hands and to kiss my forehead.I also need my father to ask what’s bothering me ,to listen to me,to laugh with me.I’m not quitting,nor I’m depressed neither I will harm myself.

I want to talk with my full heart but things are more complicated.Mom my body is not supporting me,even I’m crying this time too.No I’m not weak, really mom I’m not but I’m tired,I’m tired .Mom Can’t you see or don’t you want to .Just look at the sky mom ,this sun is drying my feelings for everyone ,this is really hard ,I don’t want someone else to protect me but you .

Mom whenever you will get this letter,don’t ask me about anything, don’t┬átry to convey Or don’t try to say that I was misunderstood Just because you know ,what’s running in my head, please hold me instead of narrating everything.